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Macro photography made simple – discover the best kit, tips and techniques.

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Would you like to learn the basic skills of photography, try a new creative technique, or improve your results? Then let our expert tips and guides give you the confidence and skills to excel, today.

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Macro photography tips and techniques

Everything you need to know about macro photography, with tips and tricks covering a range of Canon cameras and lenses, settings and more.

Best Canon lenses for food photography

From the Canon RF 50mm F1.8 STM to the RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM, serve up food photos worth savouring with our selection of must-have lenses for Canon EOS cameras.

How to create your own wedding album

Making a DIY wedding album can be both emotionally and creatively rewarding. Find out how with pro photographer Hannah Millard’s tried and tested tips.

View from the top: shoot engaging flat lays

Learn how to design and style striking top-down photos for social channels, with expert tips from product and lifestyle photographer Chris Priestley.

Add magical custom bokeh effects to your images

Turn defocused lights into hearts, stars and more with only paper and a pair of scissors. TikTok content creator Rosie Lugg shows you how.

Biophilic decorations made simple

Discover how combining nature and design with Canon printers and apps can create calming spaces for your home.

Time For A Spring Clean

As well as your home, your camera and video equipment may also be crying out for a much needed clean. And let’s not forget your printer.

Capture your wedding in print

The Canon Zoemini S2 and the Canon Zoemini printer will help your wedding guests share and celebrate the happiest day of your life.

Six reasons why you need a MegaTank printer

Discover how a Canon MegaTank printer can streamline your printing in the home and at the office, for documents, photos and more.

Time-lapse, hyper-lapse and slow-motion video explained

Learn how to capture time and motion in a creative new way, with tips from time-lapse and hyper-lapse filmmaker Matthew Vandeputte.

Create your very own personalised family photo album

Check out our step-by-step guide to making a super-creative family photo scrapbook with your PIXMA and SELPHY printers.

Top tips for black and white photography

From landscapes to portraits and weddings, and from urban scenes to sport and action photography, here’s how to create striking black and white imagery wherever life takes you.

How to create a black-and-white generational portrait

Discover this clever creative technique for shooting and editing a family portrait that displays your loved ones in an imaginative and eye-catching way.

Seven ways to see and shoot differently

Take your photography in new directions and create outstanding images that demand attention.


Best cameras and lenses for student photographers

To shoot like a pro, you need the right kit. Canon Ambassadors Emmanuel Oyeleke, Nanna Heitmann and Ingo Leitner offer their recommendations.

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Time-lapse photography

Rolling clouds, day turning into night, or a flower blossoming in the spring: whatever your subject, here’s how to tell the whole story with time-lapse.

Macro photography

Our tips and techniques for close-up photography will take your macro photography skills to the next level.


Before you shout ‘Action!’, learn how to make your story come to life with our filming tips and techniques.

Black & white photography techniques

Tips to help you enjoy the timeless sense of style that black and white photography brings.


Want to start your own vlog? Discover expert tips and techniques and learn how to get amazing results from the best kit for the job.

Lighting techniques

Want to learn to shoot using natural light, in low light or even how to paint with light? Discover how, with these expert lighting techniques and tips.

Photography composition techniques

Discover how perfect composition can transform an average shot into a masterpiece.

Photography basics

Get to grips with the basics of photography, including how to master composition and exposure.

Night photography techniques

Learn how to find light in the darkness with these easy-to-master techniques.

Canon Photo Companion app

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